Save time and increase conversions with the checkout plugin for e-commerce

The new Sendcloud checkout plugin for WooCommerce offers an improved checkout experience which not only has a higher conversion rate, but also automatically reflects customers’ shipping choices on the shipping labels, saving you time.

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Let customers choose the day they want to receive their packages

Nobody likes receiving “Sorry, we have missed you!” messages from a courier. With this checkout plugin, your customers will be able to choose a specific day they want to receive their orders.

Install the checkout plugin

Start offering the next-day delivery

Define the cut-off time for the next-day delivery option based on your logistics operations. Let customers only select delivery days and times which you are able to fulfil.

Install the checkout plugin

Coming soon

Change shipping prices based on the order’s weight

You may have different prices for different weights when shipping with multiple couriers. However, our smart software will check the weight of an order and give a customer the best possible rate from you direct contracts. 

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Increase conversion with a design proven to work

We’ve tested a lot of different variants to identify a clear and user-friendly design which helps to find the right shipping method with ease.

Install the checkout plugin

Have the right delivery method set for your incoming orders

The shipping methods you set in the platform will be automatically shown on your checkout page. When a customer places an order, the shipping label will already have the right method set and be ready for print.

Install the checkout plugin

Implement with ease, without writing a single line of code

Forget about the times when improving your checkout required help from a developer. Sendcloud has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that allows you to set everything up yourself without touching the code.

Install the checkout plugin

Match your store’s design with custom CSS

The checkout widget has been designed to meet accessibility standards, however, you can customise it by changing the colours, font style and size to fit your brand style.

Install the checkout plugin

Take your checkout experience to the next level.

Take your checkout experience to the next level.

Install the checkout plugin

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