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“Since we started using Sendcloud, our entire order processing has improved.”

Joey van Koningsbruggen | Jimmy Joy

When the demand for Jimmy Joy’s healthy meal replacements suddenly skyrocketed after a successful marketing stunt, owner Joey van Koningsbruggen decided to work with Sendcloud to streamline his shipping process. His warehouse employees save minutes on every order with the Pack & Go barcode scanner function.

Jimmy Joy ❤ Sendcloud
“Sendcloud’s software easily integrates with our webshop and Pack & Go is very handy because you can see exactly what to pack and where to go: you grab the scanner, you scan it, a label rolls out and then you’re done. We used to walk with piles of packing slips, we couldn’t adjust the weight and a lot of packages came back because the address was wrong. We don’t have that now. Sendcloud saves us a lot of time! “


  • Easy integration with web shop system
  • Streamlined order picking and packaging process
  • Fewer returns due to incorrect shipping information

Like Jimmy Joy, do you want to organize your order picking and packaging process more efficiently?