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“The combination of SendCloud & Shopify really is an outcome for us.”

Nick and Mathias | Owners of KLEIR.


Clothing label KLEIR. is an ode to Antwerp, its people and its language. The brand represents the love for the city’s dialect. Owners Nick & Mathias decided to start a clothing line to express the two core values of Antwerp – pride and boldness. The collection consists of sweaters, t-shirts and beanies with the funniest Antwerp nicknames. To contribute to a better world, these products are fabricated fair and responsibly through bio-cotton.

“Doing it all manually easily takes you ten minutes, with Sendcloud it takes less than two.”

What are the major challenges your online store faces?

“One of our main challenges is assuring timely deliveries for our products to our customers. In addition, it’s important that our offerings stay relevant for our customers, which we ensure by coming up with new concepts all the time.”

“It’s also a challenge to provide our customers with the best possible experience: making sure everything goes smooth and adding an extra touch. Storing our stock (which we do in one of our own houses) and purchasing the right amounts of supplies are also challenges.”

What are the solutions to these challenges?

To face these challenges we use Sendcloud, Shopify and our own initiative. We also make sure we listen to our customers through different channels, in order to meet their needs as good as possible. When it comes to our stock we purchase the products that feel good and we keep finding new spaces at home to use as storage.”

What does your shipping process look like now? 

“As soon as we receive an order, we get the package ready for shipment. We print the shipping label via Sendcloud and stick it to the box. Then we take our orders to the parcel shop around the corner, where they are scanned.”

What aspects of your shipping process has changed thanks to Sendcloud?

“The whole process of printing the shipping label and sticking it on the box takes less than two minutes thanks to Sendcloud. Writing everything down manually or entering all the info online, paying it separately and following it up easily costs you up to twelve minutes.”

“As soon as we heard about Sendcloud, we were convinced straight away.”

KLEIR ❤ Sendcloud

”We started shipping through Sendcloud straight away. We heard about it through other people who had an online store and we were immediately convinced. We are still glad we followed their advice!”

“Sometimes we hear from other online retailers that they do everything themselves manually. We just can’t imagine how much work that would be. Most of the times they haven’t heard about Sendcloud and they often switch as soon as we tell them about it.”


  • Attractive rates
  • No more writing down addresses manually
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Personalised Track & Trace mails
  • Customers can easily return items

Would you like to ship efficiently just like KLEIR?