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SME life has no chill. You’re on the ground fighting and competing with each other, trying new experimental software, committing to lots of manual work. Then a big online retailer swoops in and effortlessly takes the lion’s share of the customers.

It’s a constant uphill battle. So how would you like to level the playing field?

Sendcloud’s advice for SMEs is to focus on the experience. As a leading shipping platform, it will be no surprise that we’ll say more specifically focus on the shipping experience.

One thing that sets big e-commerce businesses apart are their delivery options. Same-day, next-day, nominated day, service point, evening, morning; you name it, they’ve got it.

More delivery options, more orders.

Let’s take a quick glance at Currys PC World. They have a general 3-5 day delivery. As well as next day/nominated day in four separate formats. All day (8:30am-5pm), Morning (before noon), Afternoon (12 noon-5pm), and Evening (5pm-10pm).

Now that’s a lot of choice which means a lot of happy customers.

This is standard across Europe. This is what you’re competing with on a daily basis. You need to strive for parity.

How can my shipping experience compete with the biggest retailers?

As you probably know, implementing an extensive shipping experience isn’t possible with any shopping system straight “out-of-the-box”. So your three options are either a team of devs who create something bespoke, a no-code plugin, or to simply accept being lightyears behind the biggest players.

One of those options is incredibly expensive, another is quite frankly thoughtless, so thankfully the only viable option is, as Goldilocks would say, just right.

Finding a high-quality no-code plugin that enables you to offer a delivery experience that can compete with the biggest online retailers feels impossible. And, to be honest, it was so we at Sendcloud decided to build it instead.

Introducing Sendcloud’s Dynamic Checkout solution

Dynamic Checkout is currently available for WooCommerce.

The goal of every product & product feature Sendcloud creates is simplicity. Though the knowledge and research behind it is always anything but simple. That’s where the difficulty lies. Making very complex products & features simple and easy to use for you and your customers. Dynamic Checkout is no different.

Dynamic Checkout: A state-of-the-art checkout solution

The moment you’ve been waiting for. A deep dive into the state-of-the-art checkout solution from Sendcloud which rivals those of even the biggest of e-commerce businesses.

No coding, just one simple plugin for WooCoomerce e-commerce platforms.

Boost conversion rates with nominated day delivery

Next-day delivery is a staple of nearly all successful e-commerce businesses.

Customers are able to plan exactly which day they want to receive their parcels with nominated day delivery. This offers your customers maximum flexibility when ordering which drives conversion. They’re able to plan exactly which day they want to receive their parcels.

Once integrated, a delivery date selector will appear directly in your checkout. Enabling your customers to select their preferred date up to 14 days ahead.

You can do this with multiple couriers, offering even more flexibility to your grateful customers. It’s also available for international delivery.

Offer fast delivery with next-day and (maybe) same-day delivery

Leading online retailers set high standards for fast delivery. They’ve made it normal to be able to add a product to their shopping cart up until as late as midnight and still get next-day delivery. Madness.

However, you don’t need to compete on that level. Sendcloud’s consumer research showed that your customers expect to be able to get next-day delivery with orders until just at 16:00. That’s slightly more achievable.

Give shoppers complete flexibility with nominated day delivery.

With Sendcloud’s Dynamic Checkout solution, you’re able to offer next-day (and same-day) delivery on your terms. Fill in your cut-off times within Sendcloud and the respective delivery method will be hidden when that time has passed.

This way you don’t need to manage expectations – your customers simply won’t be able to choose the method and you’ll always have enough time to ship your parcels.

Access to the biggest set of Service Points across Europe

With Sendcloud, your business gets access to almost 400k service points across Europe. And via Dynamic Checkout, they’re all displayed on an easy-to-digest user-friendly map.

Service points are becoming very popular amongst online shoppers in the UK.

It’s important to note that the map is actually embedded (not a pop-up as many other solutions offer) which leads to an improved user experience. And you can personalise it with CSS to match your brand or store design. I know what you’re thinking – that’s pretty cool.

And a couple of bonus points!
  • Shipping methods added in Dynamic Checkout will show up directly in your store. With this direct connection, your orders will be imported with shipping methods already set, waiting for you to create labels. You’ll no longer need to create any automation rules or do it manually.
  • Based on the delivery dates your customers choose, Sendcloud calculates when you need to ship each parcel. This way you can prioritise work and focus on the most urgent parcels first.

Simplifying shipping drastically reduces the costs of running an online store and the time you spend fulfilling orders every day. This is and has always been Sendcloud’s #1 goal. That’s why we’re here. And thanks to Dynamic Checkout we’re bringing you a huge step closer.

And don’t forget, our Dynamic Checkout solution is currently available for WooCommerce.

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