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The all-in-one shipping software for


Start saving time on your most frustrating process: shipping! Thanks to its multi-courier API and other powerful features, Sendcloud has you covered to expand internationally and scale rapidly. Join 23000+ online store owners shipping more efficiently.

Next level shipping for Odoo

Our software enables you to automate your shipping process behind your desk and simultaneously delight your customers with branded delivery. 

1. Connect your Odoo account

Connect Sendcloud to your Odoo account in less than 2 minutes. If you have multiple warehouses configured in Odoo, you can specify all the addresses in Sendcloud.

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2. Ship with multiple carriers

When a sale order is created in Odoo, you can select one of the shipping methods provided by Sendcloud. Choose from 100+ international carriers.

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3. Save minutes on every order

Save time by picking, packing and printing shipping labels faster with our powerful software. You can either centralise your entire workflow in Odoo or use the Sendcloud panel.

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4. Turn delivery into marketing

Don’t settle for boring status updates that couriers provide. Create a ”wow” moment with our tracking mails and pages.

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5. Smooth & automated returns

Create a positive returns experience with our branded return portal. Allow your customers to create their own return label automatically.

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Carrier Integrations UK

Easily connect your Odoo account to any courier.

Connect your Odoo in less than 2 minutes to 100+ couriers with Sendcloud. We support all big couriers. Simply choose the one that satisfies you and your customers needs.

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Discover our powerful Odoo shipping software


Select the best couriers and sell more by offering flexible delivery.


Save minutes of processing time with easy shipping tools.


Keep customers in the loop with branded tracking pages and mails.


Offer a smooth return process for both you and your customer.

Do you want to make your shipping process as easy as possible?

Create an account with Sendcloud and start saving time and money.