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Sendcloud has now partnered with Spring GDS, a global delivery service that specialises in cross-border e-commerce solutions. This partnership allows Sendcloud users to access the international shipping services provided by Spring GDS, enabling them to expand their businesses beyond their local markets and reach a wider audience. Spring GDS is known for its smart and efficient solutions that cater to the needs of e-commerce businesses, making it easier for them to navigate the complexities of international shipping and reach their customers wherever they may be. In this article we will introduce Spring GDS and discuss the following:

What is Spring GDS?

Spring GDS is an e-commerce solution that offers merchants tailor-made, hassle-free international shipping. They are part of the PostNL Group and offer the best international delivery routes by combining postal and commercial carriers for parcels up to 20 kg. Spring GDS makes use of local heroes, such as:

  • PostNL for the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Royal Mail for the UK (excl. Northern Island)
  • Hermes for Germany
  • Colis Prive for France
  • Chron and BRT for Italy
  • CTT Express for Spain and Portugal
  • Packeta for Eastern Europe

They are present in 17 countries and have operational hubs in 13 of them, so they are always near and understand the local requirements. 

The benefits of shipping with Spring GDS

Spring GDS is the go-to choice for merchants that are already shipping internationally or are looking to do so. Let’s dive into some of the main benefits of using this provider below.

(Almost) 100% coverage of the world’s destinations

One of the major benefits of using Spring GDS as your shipping provider is their extensive network of international carriers in 190 countries. This network allows them to offer a wide range of delivery options and support the best available route for your packages. Their personal approach to shipping means that they take the time to understand your specific needs and find the most suitable route for your packages, taking into account factors such as cost, delivery speed, and reliability. Additionally, they work to find the best price for your shipments, helping you to save money on your shipping costs. Overall, the large network of carriers and personal approach of Spring GDS make them an excellent choice for merchants looking to ship packages internationally.

Spring GDS truck driving on motorway

Customs clearing

One of the biggest challenges with shipping internationally is the cross-border administration. What forms do you need to fill in and what information do you need to provide? With Spring GDS you don’t have to ask yourself those questions anymore. 

A specialist team calculates and declares VAT and Duty payments, takes care of customs declarations and makes sure your goods are cleared quickly. With the help of paperless solutions, your international shipping data is logged which simplifies and speeds up your delivery management. 

The availability of priority clearance also makes it easier for merchants to trade between the UK and EU without extra delays. 

The best thing about this service? No surprises for your customers when the parcels arrive on their doorstep. All costs are calculated in the webshop checkout, so a customer can see exactly how much they have to pay. 

International returns 

When you ship packages internationally, it is important to consider the possibility of returns. Spring GDS offers a comprehensive return solution that makes it easy for your customers to request a return label and send their packages back to you. Your customers can request a return label through the Sendcloud return portal or through your own system, and then drop off their package at a convenient retail location. From there, a Spring GDSpartner will process the packages and ship them to a local Spring GDS hub. From the hub, the packages will be returned to the merchant. This streamlined process makes it easy for your customers to return items and ensures that you receive the returned packages quickly and efficiently.

CO2 neutral delivery

As consumers become more environmentally conscious, it is increasingly important for online merchants to consider their carbon footprint and take steps to offset it. Spring GDS uses a unique emission tool that measures the exact emissions of each item shipped and offsets them through support for environmental projects, such as:

Green initiatives Spring GDS

While Spring GDSbelieves that offsetting is just one step towards reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a healthier planet, they believe it is an important step that all businesses should take. By using carriers that offset their carbon footprint, merchants can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and give their customers peace of mind that they are making a positive impact on the environment.

Spring GDS shipping options

Spring GDS offers different packet and parcel options for your international shipments.  


Tracked Delivery

With Tracked Delivery, you can send fully tracked packets up to 2kg (up to 9 status updates from pickup point to doorstep) that can be sent to a safe location without requiring a signature.

Signed Delivery

Signed Delivery is a reliable and registered worldwide service for packets up to 2kg. The parcel is fully tracked and the recipient is required to sign upon receipt.

Untracked Delivery

The Untracked Delivery option is ideal for low value parcels up to 2kg. The parcels are untracked and the delivery is fast and cost-effective.


Parcels sent via Spring GDS can be of various sizes and measurements as this depends on the specifications of the last mile carrier. All parcels include full tracking and when requested, a signature upon delivery. 

Spring GDS Collect Service

With Spring GDS Collect Service, the recipient has the flexibility to choose a pickup location at checkout. This fully tracked delivery is available in a select number of destinations and requires verification of the recipient before handover. 

Why use Spring GDS with Sendcloud? 

By combining Spring GDS and Sendcloud, you are able to optimise your shipping process and offer your customers the best international delivery experience. Some of the most important benefits:

  • Spring GDS provides a wide range of international shipping options, along with efficient and reliable delivery services. Being able to access these shipping options via Sendcloud on top of the variety of options already offered, you can take your international shipping to the next level. 
  • Shipping with Spring GDS via Sendcloud also means you are able to use your branded tracking e-mails and page, and make use of your branded return portal to provide your customers with a personalised experience. 
  • Having more carrier options available also means that you can find the best deal for your shipping needs, saving money on each individual shipment. 
  • The ability to work with the best available carrier can provide merchants with greater reliability, ensuring that their packages reach their destination even if one carrier experiences delays or issues.
  • If you are already using Sendcloud, shipping with Spring GDS also means you don’t have to worry about customs clearing anymore as Spring GDS takes care of this for you.

Are you looking to start shipping internationally or are you looking to take your current international game to the next level? Then combining Spring GDS and Sendcloud is the perfect solution for you.

How to use Spring GDS with Sendcloud

To be able to ship with Spring GDS through Sendcloud, you need your own contract with Spring GDS. If you don’t have a contract yet, please reach out to Spring GDS or your Sendcloud Account Manager. 

Activating Spring GDS in your Sendcloud account

Activating Spring GDS in your Sendcloud account is simple. First, make sure to request an API key from your Spring GDS Account Manager. Once you have acquired this key, you can activate your Spring GDS contract in the carrier tab in your Sendcloud account.

Don’t have a Sendcloud account yet? Don’t worry, you can sign up here in just a few clicks.