Peak Season 2021

19 action steps to prepare your e-commerce store for the happiest of holidays

Peak Season is right around the corner: are you prepared? In just 5 weeks, your orders will start climbing and peak with a 95% increase in December.

The secret to surviving the holiday season? Download the Peak Season checklist containing 19 action steps you can implement immediately.  Follow the included roadmap to automate your logistics and enjoy smooth shipping throughout Black Friday and beyond. Check it out below 👇

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What’s inside?

This checklist includes the 19 steps you need to increase your order capacity to prepare for all the holiday shoppers. Reduce the time you spend processing orders with an increased efficiency, and reduce costs using optimised logistics strategies.

This checklist covers:

  • The peak period forecast – when will orders start increasing and which weeks are going to be the busiest?
  • The impact of the peak season on delivery
  • Action steps to:
    • Increase conversions
    • Automate order processing
    • Improve customer satisfaction rates
  • A roadmap for automated shipping