Sendcloud’s Guide to Simple Returns

“Ahh mate, these returns are doing my head in!”

Sound familiar? Yeah, we get it. Returns can be a nightmare: they kill profit margins, tank conversion rates, and – if handled poorly – impact your customer retention. But, with the right steps, it’s easy to make your returns process simple, speedy, and professional. Want to know more? Well then, hit that download button.

Transforming returns - from bottleneck to growth accelerator - whitepaper

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So what’s inside?

We all know that infamous saying “The customer is always right”. But what do customers actually want when it comes to their returns? In this guide, we’ll break it down with the latest insights into consumer demands. We’ll dive into the proven strategies you need to be able to keep up with your returns, even if your store’s growing at a rapid speed.

Want to know more? Well then, you know what you need to do (the forms right there).

E-commerce stores get 2X the amount of returns as physical stores – that’s a lot of stock you need to process and get back on sale.

There’s always eyes on your return policy: 43% of British consumers always check the return policy before they purchase.

77% state that they wouldn’t reorder from an online store if they had to pay for the return themselves.