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Use a single (REST) API to add full shipping functionality to any system, WMS, ERP, or Marketplace without worrying about individual carrier requirements or updates.

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Why integrate Royal Mail through the Sendcloud API?

Lower your costs

Save money on developing and maintaining carrier integrations.

Go live faster

Skip the long process of research, negotiation, and integration with each carrier.

Integrate with 100+ carriers at once

Stop maintaining and integrating different carrier and use on API for all.

GDPR Compliance

We comply with the GDPR rules to protect data and privacy in Europe.

API uptime of 99.99%

Reliable shipping software built on AWS and with top market technologies.

ISO 27001 Certified

The world’s most rigorous standards for information security.

The complete shipping API for any system

Shipping API

Get rates, create shipments, download labels, configure webhooks, and so much more.

Service Point API

Retrieve the list of active carriers, query service points by GPS location, and check their availability.

Pickup API

Schedule pickups to take place at the address of your choice.

Tracking API

Track parcels in real time, retrieve delivery timestamps, and consolidate statuses in an easy-to-read format.

Returns API

Build your own return portal, find the closest service point, create return shipments, and download return labels.

Marketplaces API

Connect sellers with customers, deliver at service points, customize tracking notifications and use multi-carrier services.

Tools - Shipping API

API integration examples

API Integration

See a basic example of an API integration using Python.

Service Point Picker

See how to integrate the Service Point Picker into a custom application.

Existing client libraries


PHP (JouwWeb)

PHP (Picqer)


Go (Afosto)

One API for all your shipping needs

No setup fees

Set up in 5 minutes

Ship with Europe’s top carriers

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