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Discover tracking with Sendcloud

Build customer loyalty and boost future sales with branded tracking

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Stay top-of-mind after every sale

Communicate with customers directly, even after checkout, and build customer loyalty.

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Tracking messages

Send automatic delivery updates via email and SMS that improve the overall customer journey. Plus, drive cross-sales for your online store—all automatically in your customer’s local language.

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Starting from Growth plan

Tracking Page

Turn your tracking page into a starting point for future sales. Customize the page to fit your brand’s look and feel, then cross-sell products, offer promo codes, and let customers follow you on Instagram.

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Available on all plans

Tracking Widget

Let your customers track their order status any time, directly from your website. Embed the easy-to-use tracking widget in just a few clicks, no coding required.

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Available on all plans

Tracking API

Receive current and past status updates on all orders with just a tracking number. Build your own, unique tracking solution right on top of the Sendcloud Tracking API.

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Fully automate the order tracking process

Improve customer experience and retention

Go global with multi-language tracking

Drive revenue and brand awareness

Foster a sense of customer loyalty

Extend your customer communication beyond simple marketing and sales—and own each step of that conversation to help bring about new sales in the future.

Gain more social media followers along the way

Share updates, news, and giveaways by embedding your Instagram account to your tracking page.

Go global with
multi-language tracking

Scaling internationally? Offer tracking in 6 different local languages—English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, and Italian. 

Boost your reputation with more 5-star reviews

Build long-lasting customer relationships after the delivery. Ask to leave a review, provide product usage instructions, and turn online shoppers into repeat customers.

Set your tracking communications up for success

Sendcloud offers plenty of customization options to make your tracking messages and pages stand out to your customers. This Sendcloud Academy video makes sure you know how to take advantage of each and every option.

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Before Branded Tracking

Communication stops at checkout.

You have no control over what’s included in courier tracking messages.

Couriers don’t always send notifications at every stage of shipping.

Tracking messages redirect to the courier portal.

Customers could only find your social media by searching.

Regular emails for online stores have an open rate of 20%.

After Branded Tracking

Keep in contact after checkout.

Include all the info and marketing material you choose in your own tracking messages.

Update your customers with their order status before they have the chance to ask.

Redirect to your own tracking page, featuring your own branding and marketing like promo codes or future sales.

Embed your Instagram on your tracking page so everyone who makes a purchase has the chance to follow.

Sendcloud’s branded tracking emails have an open rate of 89%.

Sendcloud’s got your back with shipping, from start to finish

Shipping Automation




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