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From claim to payout in 1 day

Cost savings are based on a comparison of all Cover Genius shipping protection versus published carrier rates for Fedex, UPS, DHL, USPS, UPS, Old Dominion, DHL, XPO Logistics, Estes Express Lines, YRC and TForce Freight as at June 27, 2022. Time savings are based on average resolution times (i.e. the duration from initial filing to completed payment) for all XCover shipping protection claims as at May 31, 2022 (sample size = 868) compared with the industry average time including payment settlement (min. 6 days) and period to acknowledge a filed claim.

Comprehensive coverage

You’re covered up to €10k per shipment for damage, loss and theft.

Covers reshipping & return shipping

You’re covered for the retail price, including reshipping and return costs.

Speedy claims & quick refunds

Enjoy an easy claim submission with quick resolution times, generally under 1 day.†

Lost packages can cost you time, money and customer trust


Of e-commerce businesses believe that shipment loss or damage affects customer loyalty and acquisition.

DHL, 2021


Of businesses that ship products have experienced lost or damaged packages in the past two years.

FedEX, 2021

Fashion + Electronics

Are the two product categories most likely to result in claims due to loss or damage..

Sendcloud Fashion report 2022

Don’t take the chance with items at higher risk

High Value Items

Can result in a significant loss if they are damaged during transport. You have to ship a new item and cover it out of your own pocket.

Fragile products

Fragile products require extra care when shipping, and when they arrive damaged, it can be an inconvenience to both you and your customer.

International Shipping

Shipping internationally can be tricky, as multiple parties are handling your parcel. It further increases the risk of damage, loss, or theft

Protect your shipments, protect your business

Save on support costs
In 2022, 18% of our customer service claims were related to lost and damaged parcels. Free up valuable time with Sendcloud Shipping Protection so you can focus on what you do best.

Protect my shipments

Rest easy knowing your parcels
are covered by a top-rated global insurer

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    Target of resolving 95% of claims within three business days.
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    Instant payment of approved claims.
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    Direct integration within Sendcloud.
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    24/7 claim submission.
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    Worldwide coverage.

Comprehensive coverage


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    Damaged shipments.
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    Lost or stolen packages. This includes package theft.
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    Items where there’s liquid damage.
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    Items where there’s structural damage.
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    All re-shipping costs for stolen or lost items.
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    Laptops, televisions, jewellery, and mobile phones, (special conditions apply).

Not protected

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    Items that are damaged before shipment.
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    Perishable and temperature-sensitive goods.
  • null
    Precious metals and stones.
  • null
    Antiques and artwork.
  • null
    Motor vehicles.
  • null
    Tobacco, tobacco substitutes and CBD.
  • null
    Illegal items and associated costs.

Adding Shipping Protection in Sendcloud

There are 3 ways to add Shipping Protection to your parcels within Sendcloud

While editing an order

Simply enter the value you want to protect your shipment for.

Learn more

Via Shipping Rules

Create an automated rule using IF>THEN, setting a specific amount or condition for adding protection.

Learn more

Via default Settings

Opt to protect all of your shipments by default by selecting Shipping Protection powered by XCover.

Learn more

Filing a claim is easy with XCover

Step 1

Go to XCover

An XCover Account is automatically created for you when you add protection for the first time. You’ll receive a confirmation email with a link that enables you to activate your account. Once logged in,  click on “Start Claim”.

Step 2

Submit documentation

You will be prompted to upload all documentation to support your claim. For a full list of the documentation required, please
click here.

Step 3

XCover processes your claim

You will be notified when your claim has been processed by the XCover Team. You will typically receive payment for an approved claim within a few days.

Don’t let lost or damaged parcels hurt your business.

Start protecting your shipments today with Sendcloud Shipping Protection powered by XCover.

Protect my shipments

Questions & answers

Can’t find your answer? Contact support.

What am I covered for?

Shipping Protection your shipments for theft, loss or damage during transit and delivery. Shipping Protection also covers return shipping costs for damaged items and re-shipping costs for stolen or lost items. 

The coverage amount is equal to your declared shipment value and starts when shipments leave their originating address. 

If any items which form part of a pair or set are lost, stolen or damaged, the covered amount will vary and one of the following options is possible:

  • Repair or replace any part to restore the pair or set to its value before the loss, theft or damage; or pay the difference between the value of the pair or set before and after the loss, theft or damage.
  • If your items consist of several parts when complete and one or more parts are lost, stolen, or damaged, they will only pay for the value of the lost, stolen, or damaged part.
  •  Costs towards “return shipping” of damaged items and re-shipping of lost or stolen items are included. They’ll reimburse you for return or re-shipping costs (up to the value of the original service) if you’re required to return or resend items. Return or re-shipping costs are paid in addition to the protection amount shown on your certificate.

You will find the coverage certificate for each parcel insured directly on your XCover account. To find out what you are and are not covered for in more detail, you can log in to your XCover account and check your protection wording.

Not covered

  • Shipping Protection covers your items until they are delivered to the intended recipient. For example, If your shipment is delivered and is subsequently stolen, it is protected. 
  • Protection doesn’t extend to items that are damaged before shipment. Any duties or taxes applied to the cost of return shipping or re-shipping stolen, lost or damaged shipments are also not covered.
  • Depending on your protection, certain goods are also excluded. Perishable goods, antiques, jewellery, vehicles and tobacco are typically not covered. You’re also not covered for shipping any illegal items and for any associated costs.
  • To find out what you are and are not covered for in more detail, you can log in to your XCover Account and check your protection wording.

Jewellery and electronics are covered under certain conditions, please check the sub limits and additional conditions on the full policy.

When does my Shipping Protection start and end?

Once enabled, your Shipping Protection begins as soon as your shipments leave its originating address. Your shipment is covered for the duration of the transit and delivery.

Your Shipping Protection ends when your shipment has been successfully delivered to the intended recipient.

How will I get refunded?

XCover will send you an email and/or text message with a link to enter your bank details for payment once the claim has been resolved.

Once the payment request is submitted, the bank transfer will be processed within 48 hours.

What happens when the parcel has insurance by default from the carrier?

For all users with a direct contract with a carrier, the claim needs to be made directly with the carrier. For users using Sendcloud rates, an investigation/claim will need to be filed through Sendcloud (via the Sendcloud Panel). 

XCover claims will need to be filed and processed via the XCover account. Please note: the policy and conditions might differ between the carrier and XCover conditions. E.g. It might occur that the customer can claim the purchase value at the carrier, and the sales value from XCover.

How do I log in to my XCover Account?

An account is automatically created for you when you purchase XCover Protection via Sendcloud.

When you first visit XCover you will need to activate your account. Simply find the XCover confirmation SMS or email in your inbox and click the link to set up your XCover Account.

Make sure you check your spam folder if you can’t find your confirmation email.

Depending on how you purchased protection and what information was shared with XCover, you may be asked to choose an email address to associate with your XCover Account, which you can then use to log in.

If you have any issues you can also check the instructions within the confirmation message from XCover that was sent when you purchased your XCover Protection.

Within your XCover Account, you will see your policies. At any time you can:

  • View your policy wording. This is also available when you request a quote via our partners or directly on XCover.
  • Download your certificate and invoice.
  • Cancel or make changes to your policy – select the policy, click on Cancel/Modify then follow the instructions. The changes you may be able to make differ based on your country and protection.

Please refer to the dedicated Sendcloud XCover Help Center for all questions related to account activation, claims management, documents required, cancellations, and the full policy wording.

What documents do I need to make a claim?

To help us assess your claim as quickly as possible we may ask you – depending on the nature and amount of the claim – to share as much information with us as possible, such as:

  • A detailed description of what happened.
  • For damaged shipments, a photo or video evidence of the damage.
  • For stolen shipments, we may require a copy of any written communications with the carrier.
  • Videos such as surveillance footage.
  • A police report for stolen items.
  • Your original shipping receipt and shipping tracking number.
  • Any other supporting documents.