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E-commerce Delivery Compass 2023

Consumer Research on the latest shipping & delivery trends

What is the current state of e-commerce logistics in Europe and the US, what are the latest trends and consumer expectations when it comes to shipping & delivery and what’s going to be important in 2023? Gain insights into European and, new to this year, US consumers’ thoughts on tracking, returns, delivery preferences, future trends, and more. Get practical tips on shipping & delivery best practices you can employ in your business.

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guide to international shipping

Go Global with our Guide to International Shipping 2022

It’s time to kick-start your international shipping! From the outside looking in, selling overseas seems like a terrifying prospect. However, with a large selection of trustworthy international couriers available, it’s actually never been simpler to ship your products around the globe. 

In 11 simple steps, this guide will enable you and your business to start crossing borders like a 21st century Marco Polo in no time.

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Fashion report mockup

Rethinking online fashion retail

Consumer Research 2022

Sendcloud questioned 2,400+ online shoppers and gained invaluable insights into the shipping & checkout demands that are set to take over the fashion industry in 2022.

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guide to returns

Transforming Returns in 2022

Sendcloud’s Guide to Simple Returns

“Ahh mate, these returns are doing my head in!” Sound familiar? Yeah, we get it. Returns can be a nightmare: they kill profit margins, tank conversion rates, and – if handled poorly – impact your customer retention. But, with the right steps, it’s easy to make your returns process simple, speedy, and professional. Want to know more? Well then, hit that download button.

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E-commerce Delivery Compass 2021

European Consumer Research

Knowing your customers’ wants and needs is the key to success. But we all know this becomes trickier when you sell internationally. This year’s E-commerce Delivery Compass contains insights into 8,000 European consumers’ preferences and buying behaviours. Learn exactly what your customers want, offer it on your store, and immediately increase your conversions – all by just reading the full report here.

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Incoterms cheat sheet

Incoterms: Cheat Sheet

All 11 Incoterms and associated obligations in one overview

Do you deliver to or receive shipments from abroad, or are you planning to? Then you will have to deal with the “International Commercial Terms”. Commonly known as Incoterms, there are 11 terms which represent different trade agreements between the seller and buyer. As a webshop, it is important to know which obligations you are bound to, so we made this handy Incoterms cheat sheet. Download now!

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