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guide to returns

Transforming Returns in 2022

Sendcloud’s Guide to Simple Returns

“Ahh mate, these returns are doing my head in!” Sound familiar? Yeah, we get it. Returns can be a nightmare: they kill profit margins, tank conversion rates, and – if handled poorly – impact your customer retention. But, with the right steps, it’s easy to make your returns process simple, speedy, and professional. Want to know more? Well then, hit that download button.

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E-commerce Delivery Compass 2021

European Consumer Research

Knowing your customers’ wants and needs is the key to success. But we all know this becomes trickier when you sell internationally. This year’s E-commerce Delivery Compass contains insights into 8,000 European consumers’ preferences and buying behaviours. Learn exactly what your customers want, offer it on your store, and immediately increase your conversions – all by just reading the full report here.

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courier comparison

UK Courier Comparison Guide 2021

Compare couriers and choose the right one for your business!

Choosing the right courier and delivery methods isn’t just crucial to your customers’ happiness, but also your business growth. That’s why we’ve created an overview of the top UK couriers to help you with your decision. Compare prices, services, strengths, and weaknesses in our free courier comparison guide.

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checkout optimisation

Checkout Optimisation Guide 2021

Turn your checkout process into a powerful conversion tool

70% of cart abandonment actually takes place during the checkout process. This whitepaper shares practical, customer-focused tips to slash your abandonment rate and maximise your conversions. We share research-based tips on how to optimise your checkout for a smooth user experience and increased conversions.

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woocommerce checkout guide

WooCommerce Checkout Optimisation Guide

Boost your conversions with an optimised shipping process

Shipping is an indispensable part of the checkout. A whopping 62% of consumers say delivery is the most important part of the e-commerce experience. In this whitepaper we explain how you can optimise your WooCommerce shipping process with step-by-step instructions.

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peak season 2020

Peak Season 2021 Checklist

Are you ready for this year’s holiday season?

Peak Season is right around the corner. In just 5 weeks, your orders will start climbing and peak with a 95% increase in December. The secret to surviving the holiday season? Download the Peak Season checklist containing 19 action steps you can implement immediately. Follow the included roadmap to automate your logistics and enjoy smooth shipping throughout Black Friday and beyond.

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International shipping guide 2021: 10 steps to problem-free international shipping

International shipping is a process that is a lot more complex than domestic shipping. It contains many more conditions, as well as increased costs and a higher risk of loss, damage, or the package not being delivered. Our whitepaper covers everything you need to know about sending your products across the globe. This includes in-depth explanations on the following; Customs forms, Incoterms, shipping costs, insurances, and shipping regulations.

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Brexit checklist

Post-Brexit Shipping Guide

18 action-steps for hassle-free international shipping to Europe

January 1st 2021 will see the official beginning of Brexit. We don’t know what the future holds for the international European e-commerce industry. But, we can predict the requirements you will soon need to ship into EU countries from the UK. In this guide, we check off 18 points you need to ensure you have in place to continuing selling your products into Europe once Brexit comes into effect. Don’t get caught out and make sure to download it now.

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Incoterms cheat sheet

Incoterms 2020: Cheat Sheet

All 11 Incoterms and associated obligations in one overview

Do you deliver to or receive shipments from abroad, or are you planning to? Then you will have to deal with the “International Commercial Terms”. Commonly known as Incoterms, there are 11 terms which represent different trade agreements between the seller and buyer. As a webshop, it is important to know which obligations you are bound to, so we made this handy Incoterms cheat sheet. Download now!

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