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Ship flexibly with any courier

Inform customers using branded emails and a branded tracking page. Gain social media followers, cross-sell, upsell, and do it all without the budget of big brands.

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Doing everything manually takes over 10 minutes,
with Sendcloud less than 2.

Nick & MathiasOwners of fashion label KLEIR

Use our picking solution to
manage order processing effortlessly

Create a workflow that suits your team’s picking and packing preferences.

Print label

Go global! Automatically generate customs documents

Documents for customs clearance are no longer a hassle. Automatically generate your CN22 form along with your shipping label.

Schedule a pick-up date

Schedule pickups or drop off your packages

Depending on the couriers you use, you can choose to have packages picked up at your warehouse at a schedule time or drop them off at a parcel shop.

* Pickups only are available for stores shipping more than 100 orders/month.

Start saving time by automating your shipping process

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