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“With Sendcloud we can now focus on what really matters.

Thomas | Co-founder of French Rocket

It all started with a visit to a NASA site. We were really impressed and we quickly envisaged creating a brand around spatial missions while preserving a French touch. Back home, we gathered high-level local experts  to ensure  that our products would be good quality, with excellent materials such as French embroidery. “French Rocket” is a wink at the Franco-European rocket “Ariane”.

Read on to find out about the history and challenges of the French Rocket boutique, and how you, as a starter, can use Sendcloud to boost your daily shipments.

Tell us the story of your shop: what was the idea? How did you come up with creating this product?                                                                                                                                               During a trip to the USA we had the opportunity to visit many places dedicated to the space world. The idea of ​​creating a brand around the spatial theme became obvious when visiting the Meteor Crater, a meteorite impact crater that has existed for 50,000 years. At that time, we wished to become the first intergalactic ready-to-wear brand, and we are still working on it today, offering ecological, ethical and quality products. We are uncompromising about this. At the same time, we try to fix fair prices, with benefits like free delivery, stickers, etc.

“For us Sendcloud is considerably time saving ”

What was your first product sold? Which channels generate the most traffic nowadays? 

The first product sold was a bomber jacket. For us, it was very encouraging because we had just launched the e-commerce website and hadn’t  made any  promotions for it. Beyond selling our first product, we were really happy that people trust buying on our independent e-shop from the beginning. This definitely helped us believe in our products. The channels generating most of the traffic are social media closely followed by organic search.

What are your major challenges that keep you awake in the night?                                   Mainly the strategic choices that I have to take for the company to grow very quickly. More precisely, the basic issues in our business, such as ensuring we offer the best shopping and delivery experience to our customers, from our website to their home.

How was it before using Sendcloud? How does our solution help you now and what are the benefits fro you?                                                                                                                              Before using Sendcloud, all of our shipping processes were very tedious and repetitive because we had to copy and paste each address. Now we save precious time every day. Now that we have a lot of orders, we have to try as much as we can to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and to be able to focus on what really matters such as the growth of the company, or the marketing part, and so on.

“Time is precious and Sendcloud saves me a lot of it ”

Quel conseil donnerais-tu à un autre e-commerçant (qui se lance par exemple) / Ta meilleure citation ?
“Le conseil que je puisse donner à un autre e-commerçant ? Ne jamais lâcher prise, il faut de la persévérance, un zeste de courage et surtout de grandes épaules pour se lancer dans l’aventure !”

French Rocket ❤ Sendcloud
Sendcloud’s experience? A module that integrates easily with Woocommerce. Automatization of logistic processes, which are usually time consuming. From address tags printing to package shipment. Finally, a solution that has responded to Thomas and Mathew’s need for automation, hence saving them money and time.


  • We optimize our conversions rate
  • We save a lot of time
  • A very proactive customer service
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  • We print our shipping labels in 1 click

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