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DHL Global MailLooking for cost-effective solutions for bulk internal delivery? Specialise in selling smaller, low-cost items? Want reliable, flexible international postage options? DHL Global Mail could be the UK courier for you. In this post, we jump into the ins and outs of this popular provider and the benefits of using them to ship your parcels across the globe. 

What is DHL Global Mail?

With DHL Global Mail, provided by Deutsche Post and DHL Express, you can internationally bulk-ship multiple smaller packages. The company offers cross-border shipping services that incorporate more than 220 countries and territories around the world. 

How does DHL Global Mail work? The first steps in the process 

To use this service you first need to individually package each small item you wish to post. Next, label your packages and add the address of the recipient to the outside of each parcel. Finally, add each small parcel to a shipping bag or larger shipping box and complete and attach a single Waybill to the larger packaging. 

Need help with this? Create an Airway Bill using our free tool!

Where is DHL Global Mail located? What to do after packaging your parcels 

You can deliver your package to DHL Global Mail’s postal centre in London or Frankfurt, or arrange a collection from your location. If you hand over your package in the UK, your parcel will be cleared of customs before it arrives in the EU or further afield. Alternatively, if you hand over your parcel in the EU then it will need to be customs cleared. 

After your package arrives at one of the two postal centres, Deutsche Post will then ship your individual packages to their destinations in the EU or further afield. Once they arrive, local postal services will deliver your parcels to each recipient’s address.  

DHL Global Mail can save you both time and money when it comes to shipping parcels to customers outside of the UK. They also help take care of any issues surrounding customs – protecting your customers from paying hefty fees.

What are the benefits of DHL Global Mail?

DHL Global Mail is a go-to choice for smaller e-commerce businesses looking to ship a high number of small, low-value packages across the world at an affordable price. Below, we dive into the benefits of using this provider in more detail.

1: It’s easy to ship multiple packages at once

The biggest plus point of using this shipping provider is they enable you to effortlessly bulk-ship a high number of smaller packages — no matter their destination (whether it’s Canada or Poland). This makes them the ideal choice if you have a store that regularly ships to customers all over the world. One large shipping box or bag, one shipment, one airway bill. 

1: Offers affordable international delivery 

When you ship a high number of packages every week, international delivery can quickly become expensive. DHL Global Mail provides low-cost bulk shipping — offering a more budget-friendly price than many other international shipping companies. 

Moreover, volumetric weight calculations don’t apply to this carrier’s services – which means that the actual weight of your package is always used to calculate shipping costs. 

3: Parcel updates and signature on delivery 

Worried your packages will get lost in transit? A big benefit of shipping with this shipping provider is the added advantage of comprehensive tracking, which enables you to easily track your packages. Each DHL Global Mail PLUS package comes with a barcode that tracks your parcel and provides updates throughout the delivery process.  

Beyond DHL’s global mail tracking feature, when you opt for this service your package will only be handed to the recipient after they have signed for it. This gives you extra protection in the case of any missing items disputes with customers. 

With this service, you’ll also be compensated up to £30.00 in the case of a missing parcel. 

Is DHL Global Mail fast? DHL Global Mail vs DHL Express

How long does global mail take with DHL Global Mail as your shipping provider?

While this carrier does not ship as speedily as other DHL Express services, it is still a ‘Priority’ international mail service that provides the fastest delivery available via the international mail network. 

Here are the DHL Global Mail delivery times:

  • Shipment to Germany: 2- 4 days
  • Shipment to the rest of Europe: 3 – 6 days
  • Shipment to USA & Canada: 5 – 9 days
  • Shipment to the rest of the world: 6 – 12 days

How does DHL Global Mail work?

To use DHL Global Mail, you must have an account with both the carrier and Deutsche Post. If you need help to set these accounts up, please get in touch with your Sendcloud account manager or our customer success team. 

Before you can start posting your packages, you must take the following into account: 

Size and weight limits

When posting packages via DHL, it’s important to be aware of the size and weight limits:

  • Minimum dimensions: 140mm x 90mm 
  • Maximum dimensions: Length + width + height must not exceed 900mm
  • No dimension can exceed 600mm
  • Maximum weight: 2 kg
  • For rolls/tubes: length should not exceed 900mm

These smaller parcel sizes are perfect if you regularly post a high number of small, lightweight products — such as cosmetics, accessories, or stationary. 

The £30.00 compensation you’re entitled to with DHL Global Mail PLUS also makes this carrier a great fit for lower-value parcels. Delivering more expensive items? Get extra coverage with Sendcloud Insurance.

Customs documentation and customers declarations for international shipping

Shipping internationally? Then you must make sure each individual package includes the right documentation. International mail items must have a customers declaration label printed and fitted to the outside of the package. You can easily create one using the Deutsche Post customer portal.

Does DHL Global Mail deliver on Saturday and Sunday?

Wondering if you can ship items on a Saturday or Sunday? Like many international parcel delivery companies, DHL Global Mail does not ship on a Sunday. However, you can arrange shipments on a Sunday and schedule them to be picked up by a courier from 8am on a Monday. Luckily, the carrier does ship on Saturdays. 

Want to start posting with DHL Global Mail?

DHL Global Mail is a cost-effective and efficient solution for delivering multiple small packages abroad. Shipping times are also inline with standard international shipping times and you also have the option to track your packages with the PLUS service. 

To start shipping with DHL Global Mail PLUS, reach out to your Sendcloud account manager or our customer success team. We can help set you up with a DHL Express account. We’ll also walk you through how to include this carrier as a shipping option from your personal Sendcloud Panel. You’re then ready to create your postage labels and airway bill for shipping!

Not sure if this carrier is the right one for you? Take a look at our guide to the UK couriers. It’s important to keep in mind when choosing a shipping provider that you don’t need to choose one company. If one offers a better deal for time-sensitive deliveries and another is better for heavier parcels, then why not mix it up? It’s about making the right choice to help your business grow and thrive.

Want to get started? Reach out to us or sign up for your free Sendcloud account.

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