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Stay in control with transparent Shipment Tracking

Lost parcels. Questions. Complaints. Returns. Chaos!… While we can’t predict the future, we’ve got the next best thing for handling the uncertainty of sending packages out into the world. Transparent tracking keeps everyone in the loop and you in control of the customer experience.

Own your tracking experience

Last mile delivery is back in your hands

Optimized order tracking puts you back in control of deliveries and customer satisfaction. From branded order tracking to streamlined returns, discover why parcel tracking can help you make the most of peak sales.

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How to stay top-of-mind with parcel tracking

Top 10 Strategies to Optimise Order Tracking

Discover the essential strategies to optimise your order tracking system and boost efficiency, customer satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness.

Enhance Customer Relations With Post-Purchase Emails & Tracking Information

Uncover the power of post-purchase emails and tracking information for e-commerce loyalty and sales growth with impactful examples.

Win people over and boost future sales

Tracking Meets Customer Experience: 10 Tips to Reduce WISMO

Master tracking, reduce WISMO queries, and enhance your e-commerce customer experience to boost satisfaction and efficiency in your business.

5 Tips for Dealing With Shipping Delays

Find out how to mitigate shipping delays, protect your brand reputation, and boost customer satisfaction with these practical tips.

Informed customers are happy customers

The Duke Distilery: Smooth Shipping & Tracking Process

“Our customers also benefit from this cooperation. Tracking orders has become much easier, more accurate and more transparent by sending the respective tracking number.”

St. Martin’s Coffee: Simplifying B2B & B2C Shipping

“All orders can be processed from one platform, making it easier to keep tabs on stock levels, outgoing shipments, and tracking notifications.”

Boots Netherlands: Reviews Are Up & Queries Down

“We’re also very pleased with the look and feel of Sendcloud. You can modify the tracking emails to fit your own style via the Sendcloud platform.”

Rule your shipping process from checkout to returns

Streamline your shipping

Stay fast and flexible with a shipping process that minimises errors and maximises efficiency.

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Transparent tracking keeps customers informed and helps you deal with delays, before they derail your business.

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Protect your
peace of mind

Win customers over, even when things go wrong with shipping protection that lets you sleep easy.

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Own your shipping with Sendcloud

Shipping never goes without a hitch. That’s why you need Sendcloud – the shipping partner that puts you back in control. Ship it. Track it. Protect it. Love it.