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Return label creator tool for free!

Are you curious about how to easily create a return label? Try our new return label creator tool. This tool will help your ecommerce business saving time and money!

Want to how to create return labels in bulk?

Whether you ship with Royal Mail, DHL, UPS, or any other courier, you can utilise Sendcloud’s simple-to-use return label creator by creating a free account today.
Sendcloud is a 360 shipping platform that allows you to optimise logistic processes while saving time and money.

What is a return label?

Shipping and return labels are necessary documents that accompany all shipments, whether they’re national or international. Successful businesses look for a renowned return label creator in order to avoid human error and save time.

Return labels contain standard shipping data including sender, recipient, type of shipment, etc. In addition, they contain all of the necessary information for tracking a package.

Return label creator: how to use it

If you want to quickly create a return shipping label, you don’t need to install anything. Simply fill out the interactive form above AKA the online postage label maker, then print off the PDFs sent by Sendcloud.

Pro Tip: Don’t cover the shipping label but also don’t be stingy with the sellotape – make sure the shipping label is firmly attached!

And remember, 3 copies of the returns label are required:

  1. One taped to that package.
  2. One to be signed by the courier and kept for yourself.
  3. And one to be delivered with the courier.