Tackle returns and drive growth 

Returns are inevitable. 95% of customers that have a good returns experience report they would buy again. Decide how to offer returns and optimise your returns process to get the most out of it. 

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Boost retention with your return policy. 

Besides for money back, offer store credit so customers can exchange and keep shopping. Let customers return to a nearby service point or in-store. Reduce calls, by proactively informing customer about the returns status.

Don’t let returns hold you back from scaling. 

Offer hassle-free returns throughout Europe. Let your customers choose where to return their order.  You will both receive automated information about the status of the return. 

Power shipper? Build your own return portal on top of our return API.

Enhance your current workflow without changing all tools and systems. Build your own return portal on top of our new return portal API.

Know when, what and why with the analytics dashboard.

Get insights into what people return so you can take action to reduce the return rate. The return dashboard shows you the amount of returns and the most used return methods. 

Continuously evolving return portal. 

The return portal is designed to save you time, by maximising automation and control, and to offer your customers the best returns experience. We are continuously working on adding cutting edge updates. 

Sam Friday

“Sendcloud enables us to make returns easy and accessible for our customers”

Niels de Boer | Founder Sam Friday

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Keep customers in the loop with branded tracking pages and mails.


Offer a smooth return process for both you and your customer.

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