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Research report

E-commerce Delivery Compass 2020/2021

What is the current state of e-commerce logistics in Britain, what impact has the corona crisis had, and what’s going to be important in the future?

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This report combines insights from both U.K. and European consumers. The report focusses on over 1,000 online shoppers from Britain, but includes comparisons to 7,000 other consumers in Europe. The report answers: What are the current delivery wishes and needs, both before and during the coronavirus pandemic, and to what extent are online retailers responding to them? Discover the opportunities for your business.

You’ll learn that:

72% are likely to add another product to their cart to reach the free shipping threshold

online shoppers aren’t willing to waiting longer than 4.0 days for standard delivery

no less than 54% always checks the online store’s return policy before making a purchase

38% thinks they will keep buying more online than from physical stores after corona ends

Make the most out of your online store and turn these and many more insights into your competitive advantage!